Monday, February 06, 2012

Frosty Morning

Frost on the car is a sign to be careful riding to work.  Clear blue skies can give a false sense of security when the temperature dips below freezing.  This morning it was 28F -- cold and presenting the chance of encountering slippery spots.  With enough salt residue remaining the only real concern is in places where water migrates across the road from springs, car washing or other sources.

The ride was uneventful and the temperature rose quickly.  Bright sun beating down on me and the road was a nice thing.

A frosty morning is far more tolerable than an icy morning.


W said...

Hi Steve,

I follow your blog for a long time (i usually don't make any comments) and, when i saw the picture on this post a question came to me.

Do you struggle to get your helmet windshield clear of ice?
I'm having some trouble on keeping it clear after roading about 10miles in temperatures near 0ºC...
Any help?

Oh... one more thing. How do you keep your hands warm (or not freezed) without heated grips?

Best regards, from Portugal
Fausto Gonçalves

Steve Williams said...

W (Fausto): I too struggle with visor fogging. The only solution I have pursued is cracking the visor open for periods of time. I've not tried breath box inserts in the helmet or the anti-fog material that can be sprayed on the visor.

I guess that means it's not so bad. But there are times when the temperature goes very low that I have to stop and scrape the ice off.

No heated grips. I use heated gloves.